New EB-5 Compliance Audit Program

USCIS has launched a new compliance audit program for the EB-5 Regional Center. According to USCIS, these audits are "an additional way to enhance program integrity and verify information in regional center applications and annual certifications."

The American Immigration Lawyers Association ("AILA") has provided helpful information about this new program. The audit also verifies the compliance of regional centers with laws to make sure the designated regional center remains eligible.

What does the process include?

This process may include:

  • Reviewing applications and records;
  • Reviewing public records;
  • Verifying information and supporting documents submitted in applications;
  • Conducting site inspections;
  • Interviewing personnel to confirm provided information.

How to prepare for a compliance audit

Regional centers may be asked to provide any information previously submitted, or any updates to that information. They may also be asked to provide new information requested but not previously provided. Therefore, regional centers should be prepared to provide this information immediately.

The findings of the audit will be documented in a report which will become part of the regional center's record. USCIS may decide further investigation is warranted if any evidence of fraud is found.

Additionally, follow this link to read more information from AILA about the compliance audit.