Immigration Resources for Physicians

Currently comprising a quarter of the U.S. physician workforce, international medical graduate (IMG) physicians are an essential group to consider for recruitment purposes, particularly for positions located in geographic areas with limited applicant pools. While the process of recruiting IMG physicians can be complex and daunting, the Sivaraman Law Firm has extensive experience in assisting IMG physicians and their employers in navigating the visa process.

U.S. immigration options for physicians include J-1 Waivers and H-1B Sponsorship. Two common pathways to permanent residency for physicians are the Labor Certification (PERM) process, or the National Interest Waiver.

For information about Conrad 30 J-1 visa requirements, see the Conrad 30 Map and click on a state for information about that state's Conrad 30 program.


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Labor Certification

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National Interest Waiver

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J-1 Waivers

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H-1B Sponsorship

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