Client Testimonials

I won't forget what Heather has done for me. It represents so much for me and my family. A process that, at the beginning, looked so far away came to reality when I received my residency card. Thank you for work well done, with gratitude.

– P. M., North Carolina

On behalf of my entire family (including the un-borns), I wish to express my sincere gratitude for your professional efforts towards ensuring that my wife and I got our green cards. It is difficult to sum our gratitude in words or writing. Shortly before I came to Sivaraman Immigration, I met with an immigration lawyer who had told me I stood no chance at that time. You had a different judgement and from the beginning, your confidence was very assuring. Even though I doubted myself, you put confidence in me. I cannot thank you guys enough, I can only wish you more success in all that you do for everyone who seeks your services.

– T.O. North Carolina

Jing, Thank you so much. I haven’t experienced the same kind of comfort and easy communication with others like I have with you and Heather. . . Thank you for making the last 4 years possible! It would never have happened without your expertise and guidance. I really appreciate all the patient and reassuring conversations you have had with me during the work on my H1B.

– A.D. Salem, Oregon

Excellent and professional service from everyone at this law firm! Heather and her team that includes Jing and Natalie are exceptional. They were hard working and were always available to answer any questions that I had. I highly recommend them.

– Family Medicine Physician, Maine

We met with and hired Heather to help with my son’s naturalization application. She is super professional attorney and a very nice person, genuine and reliable. She helped us with every step in the process and always listened to my concerns, no matter how amateurish they sounded. She always quickly returned my emails and provided detailed explanation in response to my questions, being extremely knowledgeable in this. An accompanying letter she prepared and filed with my son’s application was so beautifully written that I read it several times myself and enjoyed both its style and clarity. I highly recommend Heather for all your immigration-related needs. She is not an ordinary attorney. She actually cares about you.

– Naturalization in NC

I had been through 2 lawyers and failed PERM applications before I spoke to Heather. The differences were evident from the start, Heather was not only knowledgeable but very patient, answered all my questions and was always accessible when more came up. She responded quickly to any issues that arose and I never had to remind her who I was and the details of my case (yes, this happened a lot with my previous attorneys!). Everything went very smoothly and given how stressful this whole process can be I want to say how truly grateful I am to Heather and her staff. You guys are amazing!

– Green Cards in CT

Professionalism, dedication, and confidentiality made our trust in your office.

Job well-done. Thank you so much.

– North Carolina

Attorney Heather and her team members make such a great team to work with. They handled my case right from the application for our (my family and I) J1-waiver, obtaining our H1-B/H-4 visas, labor certification, and eventually obtaining our permanent residency status. She ensures that you understand the details of the process every step of the way, and through her communications you get a sense that you are dealing with an expert in the field who is committed to her job.

– Dr. U. , Maine

Heather is very professional, yet compassionate in all her dealings. You get a sense that she is not just reeling out the laws to you but she is there to help when there are kinks and knots along the way, whether due to your own personal circumstances, or the issues related to your employment.
I honestly couldn't say enough in favor of this team, and I can tell you it was truly a joy working with Heather throughout the entire process of my J-1 waiver and transitioning to a permanent resident. I give her and her team my highest recommendations. You can be sure that you will not be disappointed in choosing to work with them. Thank you Heather and God bless!!

– Pediatrician, Maine

I`m a medical doctor who came in the US for research, and when I decided to stay and apply for a green card, I asked to some colleagues of mine. They recommended me Heather without any reserve. I`m glad to have followed their suggestion, I couldn`t have done a better choice. Heather was extremely professional and she helped me to build a strong case, giving me continuous feedbacks and advices. I`m very grateful to her for all the dedication and kindness she put on my case, far beyond my expectation. As my colleagues did, I strongly recommend Sivaraman Immigration Law.

– Carlo, South Carolina

I worked with Sivaraman Immigration Law in successfully applying for a green card in the EB1 category. Heather and Natalie guided me through the different steps of the process thoroughly and professionally. Communication was excellent with timely updates and reminders. They were available to talk over the phone when needed. Overall, it was a very smooth experience working with them and I would highly recommend their service without any reservation.

– S.A., Georgia

Heather Sivaraman had helped me to accomplish my I-751 additional evidence submission. Due to her thoughtful advice, my green card extension was approved 47 days after my first meeting with her. Thanks a million, Heather, for your kind assistance!!

– Kensuke

I have worked closely with Heather since I was a resident. She helped me navigate through complicated J1 process from a resident to my first job as an attending. After completion of my 3 years of J1 waiver job, I hired her to apply for my Green card too. I must say she has been nothing but exceptional both professionally and personally. She got all the paperwork in time , always responded to my phones and emails and would not rest till she gets the job done . I cannot thank her enough. I am very lucky to have her as my attorney and recommend her very very highly.

– Dr. D. S., North Carolina

When my youngest daughter was just 5 months old you helped us begin the extraordinary process of emigrating from South Africa to the United States. How different her life has been and your hard work to get us all into the USA has given her the amazing opportunities that she has. She is an excellent ice skater and swimmer and has an award to a wonderful private school, largely thanks to that long process that you helped us all through.

– C. Fernandes

I must say it was a pleasure working with [Attorney Sivaraman] all these years. From the delta J1 waiver through to the adjustment of status, you have been terrific. You and your team have been extremely professional, always responsive and extremely knowledgeable. You take keen personal interest in your clients and it shows. You were always there to answer my questions and even gave out your cellphone number. I have already been recommending you to several of my colleagues and I tell them all the time how fantastic you are. You made this whole daunting process much more manageable than I ever imagined. Thank you so much!

--S. S., Oregon

I was looking for an immigration lawyer to help my elderly mom get her citizenship. I contacted Ms. Heather Sivaraman and since the first meeting we felt that we made the right choice. Heather made every effort to make her comfortable, reassure her and made her feel like someone special. She was successful in getting my mom her citizenship and has shown such care and compassion that we will never forget. She made the whole process easy and treated us like family. We are grateful to her and can never forget her compassion and care. She will do a great job in any case she handles and we strongly recommend her.

– S. Koury

Heather helped my wife and me for my permanent residency through marriage. Jing and Heather were always willing to answer all our questions and concerns and help us at every stage. Immigration rules and policies are constantly changing nowadays and in this constant state of turmoil and anxiety we especially appreciate her relaxed approach which helped us and them being very transparent at all stages through the process. Would definitely recommend Sivaraman Immigration Law.

– D.B. North Carolina

Excellent work with handing my US Naturalization
I found Heather through an online search for local immigration attorneys in order to handle my US citizenship application. She was extremely prompt and professional, consulting with me over email and phone. She walked me through all the forms and documents I would need to prepare, checked-in regularly whenever we received any notification from USCIS and accompanied me to the final immigration interview. She was extremely flexible with accepting paperwork; I scanned and sent in pdfs or put things on Google Drive and she would return scanned documents electronically. She was upfront about her fee and work involved. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with immigration and naturalization processes.

– K. Subramanian

I worked with Heather for my green card (i485) filing for me and my family under EB1-B. She and Michele did a good job preparing my petition and guiding us through RFE till we received our green card in hand. We are really grateful to them for their hard work and diligence. Great experience!

– A.BK. Massachusetts
I am very glad to receive my green card smoothly with Attorney Sivaraman's help. She is very professional and I do recommend her.
– Y.L. North Carolina

My wife and I are medical professionals who came to the United States for a better future .

Thanks to Heather Sivaraman, who accompanied us since the beginning of our journey, our transition was rather seamless.

From our Visa Waiver , through Permanent Residency and eventually Citizenship , she was on top of everything and always recommending what’s next proactively.

Also Natalie , did a great job in terms of tying loose ends and constantly reminding us of the following steps.

With Sivaraman Immigration Law we didn’t have to worry about filing , deadlines, clerical headache etc... everything was meticulously and professionally prepared for us .

Thank you once again ,

Proud to be American !!

– P.S. North Carolina

Heather Sivaraman has been our family immigration lawyer for eight years. She has been very helpful in resolving various issues related to green card and citizenship. She knows her subject in depth and always answers your questions in such a way that you can really understand the situation. And she is a very nice person too. We are truly grateful to have her with us, and hope she will continue to help us in the future.

-S. O., NC

Heather Sivaraman has been my immigration lawyer for many years, during my H1b and green card application process. I have nothing but good things to say about Heather. She has been efficient, reliable and extremely pleasant throughout my time working with her. She always made herself available to answer questions and I have always felt at ease and very comfortable with her. With her expertise, I was able to obtain my green card in a timely fashion. She made a long, daunting process quite hassle free! I recommend her highly and without reservation.
- N. R., Maine

Very approachable, proactive, knowledgeable for someone in my situation ( International Medical Graduate with J1visa). Easy to talk to, great adviser and helpful. Would recommend to anyone.

-B. S., Oregon

Heather and her team made the process extremely smooth. The team was very knowledgeable and responded very promptly to all my inquiries. I would highly recommend this firm and will be using them for future cases.

-J.B., North Carolina

Thank you Heather and Natalie for your great help with our process. It’s been so wonderful working with your firm in every step of our process. Your communication was just great and we never had to worry about anything as you guys were staying on top for us!

– M.P. North Carolina

Heather and her team have done a marvelous job in handling our adjustment of status case. Throughout the entire process, Heather has been very professional, ultra-responsive, supportive and reassuring. We couldn’t have picked a better legal team to work with!

-E.D. North Carolina

My wife and I were fortunate enough to have Sivaraman Immigration Law guide us through the process of updating our immigration status on several occasions. The team was available when needed and always had our best interest in mind.

– A.P.R.-North Carolina

Heather and her team responded quickly and patiently while being professional and considerate. I enjoyed working with them for my family-based green card application.

I would highly recommend their service.

– P.C. Connecticut

Thank you very much for your support throughout this process. It was a pleasure to work with you and your team. You guys made this process efficient and effective with your experience and support.

When your immigration attorney is willing to take your calls any time and she visits you at your work place to answer your questions, you know that you are in good hands! Thank you Sivaraman Immigration Law for your support.

– C.V. North Carolina

Ms. Sivaraman's office worked diligently to help me to get my Green Card. She was very honest and clear with the information about my case. Despite the obstacles, she always found different alternatives to bring this case to a happy ending. Thank you very much for your hard work!

– C. C., Elementary School Teacher

I was represented better than my expectations. Heather's law firm prepared my application flawlessly and I had minimal if any work to do for the application to be submitted successfully. Although the journey was tough and many doubts came along my way, Heather always answered them and reassured me at every step. I had an option to call Heather's office at all times to have any of my questions answered. She not only answered all questions as accurately as she could but also helped calm my nerves. She went above and beyond and did everything she could to ensure a great outcome. I couldn't have asked for a better law firm than Sivaraman Immigration law."

-S. A. North Carolina

Heather Sivaraman is a very knowledgeable, competent, experienced, and meticulous immigration lawyer. She has a very competent legal assistant, Jing, and together they constitute a formidable legal team. They always deliver on their promises. I have known Lawyer Heather Sivaraman for over 10 years. She is very versatile and an expert on the requirements and regulations for the H-visas, Green Cards, and the Naturalization process. I wish to say that Heather Sivaraman is truly one of the best and most efficient immigration lawyers in the U.S.

– F. N. North Carolina

Just a huuuuge THANK YOU. I am so glad we found you on our way. I am totally certain that my visa wouldn´t have been approved if I had not had the luck to have a such a professional and great person taking care of every single detail. We have been through a hard time these past months, with disappointment and changes for the whole family, the sadness of not being able to see our family abroad and so on. The good news we got from you really made us forget about all that. It´s now that we can say we are starting a new life here. And it is all thanks to you. I wouldn´t find the words to show how grateful I feel for it.

And I hope you keep spreading happiness and relief to a lot of people (like you´ve done with us) for a loooong time. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

– C. G. Virginia

I strongly recommend Heather as an immigration attorney. She is a deep thinker, with attention to detail and great knowledge about the system. She is also an amazing writer. This helps in setting a strong foundation and a clear strategy for a case. She is also straight forward, clearly indicating your strengths as well as weaknesses that might turn into challenges. With Heather, you know pretty much where you are standing, and you know that everything that could be done about your case is being done. She also works with a very talented paralegal.

– A. S., North Carolina

Ms. Sivaraman guided me and my wife extremely well through the process of my immigration application ,ensuring timely and smooth approval. She is well versed with laws and very professional.

– O. J., North Carolina

Heather was always very reassuring and quick to respond to my concerns. She never had to be reminded of who I was and which organization I work for. Her constant guidance throughout the H-1B process made it less stressful.

– Alexandra D., Oregon

My wife and I were provided legal help from Heather Sivaraman for a Marriage based green card application. The whole process was smooth, Heather was great with communicating the different steps of the process to us. Our case got approved thanks to her work as well as her team who was very helpful all along the process. I would recommend Heather to anyone I know in need of a professional and responsive attorney. Thank you!

– Raphael & Hailey

"I am very happy with Heather’s representation. She is available to answer all of my questions. The whole process was smooth and without any surprises. She was quick in responding to my emails and calls. We were informed of all the steps of application. I highly recommend her to friends and relatives."

– F. P., Fayetteville, NC

Heather and her team did a wonderful job in helping us prepare both the original green card application for my spouse immigrating from the UK, as well as our I-751 packet two years after his successful move to the US. Heather's expertise in immigration law and friendly demeanor made her a excellent resource throughout the whole process. - Colleen C

– Colleen C.

Thank you so much for helping my wife and me through our naturalization process. You and your team provided us both great advice and very timely and professional support throughout. We also very much appreciate how accessible and responsive you (and your team) were, including making yourself available to us outside of normal office hours. We will definitely be recommending your firm to others.

– S. K. North Carolina

“Heather is very intelligent, through and knows the job and services very well. She took my problems, challenges and occasional frustrations personally as hers and was always on time to respond, update and address ever issue appropriately. I will never hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing immigration services”

--B. A., New Mexico