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Federal Judge Blocks Title 42

Yesterday, Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan blocked Title 42, a policy implemented by the Trump Administration during the COVID-19 pandemic and later used by the Biden Administration as part of its response to the Venezuelan migrant crisis. The Trump Adm… Read More
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Injunction Issued Restrai…

Injunction Issued Restraining DHS

On October 11, 2019, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York issued a national injunction, which restrained DHS and USCIS from implementing the DHS Public Charge Final Rule. The Court also prevented the government from implement… Read More
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Virginia Injunction Granted Against Trump's Travel Ban

On February 13, 2017, a federal judge granted an injunction prohibiting the Trump administration from implementing the “travel ban” in Virginia. U.S. District judge Leonie Brinkema found that the Executive Order violates the First Amendme… Read More
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