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USCIS Publishes "Eligible to Naturalize Dashboard"

As part of its Constitution Week celebrations, USCIS published the Eligible to Naturalize Dashboard, providing data such as country of birth and state of residence for the millions of lawful permanent residents who may be eligible to naturalize but h… Read More
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Updates to Educational Re…

Updates to Educational Requirements for Naturalization

USCIS recently updated its policy guidance in the USCIS Policy Manual regarding the educational requirements for naturalization. The educational requirements include knowledge and understanding of the English language and of the history and governmen… Read More
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USCIS Plans to Revise Nat…

USCIS Plans to Revise Naturalization Test

USCIS recently announced a plan to revise the current naturalization test. In late 2018, USCIS formed a naturalization test revision working group who has since been reviewing and updating the naturalization test questions. This working group will al… Read More
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