DHS Form 7001, Request for Case Assistance: Revised

The Office of the Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman (CIS Ombudsman) recently updated the DHS Form 7001, Request for Case Assistance in an effort to simplify the case assistance process. The revised form provides the ability to submit one form on behalf of multiple employment-based beneficiaries and includes a thorough explanation of when and by whom it may be submitted and detailed instructions for compiling and submitting supporting documentation.

Despite these updates, several policies for requesting case assistance remain the same, including:

  • individuals located in the United States should submit Form 7001 online
  • individuals unable to access the online version or located abroad may email or mail a paper version of Form 7001
  • individuals or their employers should attempt to directly resolve any issues with USCIS before submitting Form 7001
  • any dependents must submit their own Form 7001

To learn more about Form 7001, please visit the CIS Ombudsman webpage.

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