USCIS Plans to Open New Lockbox Facility

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) plans to open a new lockbox facility in Elgin, Illinois next year. This will expand its lockbox capability in processing cases.

In order to prepare the for the adjustment, USCIS shifted filing locations for certain applications on October 15, 2021. For example, certain adjustment of status (AOS) applications are now submitted to the Phoenix Lockbox instead of the Chicago or Dallas Lockbox. More filing location changes are expected to occur throughout this year. This transference of lockbox filing locations will help the opening of the new lockbox without causing delays due to transitioning locations. USCIS will plan to open the Elgin Lockbox as a filing location early next year.

Applicants who have incorrectly filed their application may experience processing delays for their case. For the most current information on where to file, please review the "Where to File" tab on each form page for the application being filed.

For More Information:

View the USCIS all forms page to find updated filing locations here.

View the USCIS News Alert here.

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