24 New Judges Appointed to Board of Immigration Appeals

The Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) announced on October 27, 2021 that 24 new Immigration Judges will join the Board of Immigration Appeals. Four of the new judges are Assistant Chief Immigration Judges and two are Unit Chief Immigration Judges.

EOIR strives to have a bench that is as diverse as the public it serves. Attorney General Merrick B. Garland appointed Assistant Chief Immigration Judges Jaime Diaz, Brandon C. Jaroch, Noelle Sharp, and Rebecca J. Walters; Unit Chief Immigration Judges Ellen L. Karesh and Steve Mannion; and Immigration Judges Lori K. Adams, Alisha C. Campos, Roel Canales, Daniel Caudillo, Jamee E. Comans, Louis A. Gordon, Terese Tadros Ibarra, Thanos Kanellakos, Steven M. Kirchner, Victoria A. Levin, Shira M. Levine, Paul N. Medved, Robert A. Ratliff, Kandra K. Robbins, Mark D. Sameit, Karen W. Schulz, Frank Seminerio, and Andrea M. Siebert to the Board of Immigration Appeals.

For More Information:

View the original EOIR notice here and read the biography of each new judge.

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