Senate Democrats propose budget resolution, opening up pathways to citizenship

The Senate is currently working to pass a budget resolution that spans several sweeping legislation reforms. One of the new reforms proposed is a pathway to citizenship for certain undocumented immigrants. These immigrants are TPS recipients, Dreamers, farmworkers, and essential workers. The proposal would allocate more than $100 billion towards efforts to create a pathway for permanent status for immigrants. Another immigration reform included in the budget resolution is a new mandate implementing "smart and effective" border security measures.

The budget resolution has not been approved yet. The bill is modified as it works its way through each Senate committee. The target date to gather the legislation for the bill is September 15. The resolution must also pass through the House of Representatives. Finally, the Judiciary Committee drafts the language for the implementation of the bill and it is voted on, making it into reality.

For more Information:

MEMORANDUM for Democratic Senators - FY2022 Budget Resolution

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