Department of State Proposes New Rule to Allow Online Passport Renewals

Current Passport Renewal System:

The current system for passport renewal is a mail-in application form. This application is then processed through the Lockbox. The Lockbox captures photo images and processes fees and application data. After it has completed this, it sends the data and physical application to a passport agency or center for further processing.

Proposed Passport Renewal System:

The Department of State would create an Online Passport Renewal (“OPR”) system which would allow certain applicants to apply for passport renewal on-line through MyTravelGov. Applicants who are eligible to use OPR will have the option to enter application data, upload photos and submit their payment online. Online payments will be made through Applications received via OPR will automatically enter review queues at the passport agencies.

Online Passport Renewal (OPR) will eliminate lockbox processing to improve efficiency and accessibility. Initially only people within the United States will be able to use OPR with the intent to eventually allow renewal abroad.

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To view the original proposed rule at the Federal Register 86 FR 43458, 8/9/21.