Presidential Proclamation 10014 Revoked

On Wednesday, February 24, President Biden rescinded the Presidential Proclamation 10014. This proclamation nearly stopped all legal immigration to the United States since April 22, 2020. It separated hundreds of thousands of families and severely disrupted the economy. More than 120,000 family-based visas and thousands of diversity visas were lost in fiscal year 2020 because of this ban. The American Immigration Lawyers Association's Litigation Department and its partners played an active role in the revocation of this proclamation.

The geographic COVID-19-related Presidential Proclamations 9984, 9992, and 10143 are still in effect. These proclamations suspend entry into the United States of foreign nationals who have been physically present in the People's Republic of China, Islamic Republic of Iran, Schengen Area, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Brazil, and South Africa in the 14-day period before entry into the united states. Exceptions to these proclamations include immigrant visa applicants who are spouses or children of U.S. citizens and spouses and minor children of Lawful Permanent Residents (F2As).

The Department of State is resuming routine visa services on a post-by-post basis. U.S. embassies and consulates are continuing to provide emergency and mission-critical visa services. As conditions improve, embassies and consulates will begin providing additional services and resuming routine visa services as soon as it is safe to do so.

For More Information:

Read the news post on the Department of State's website here.

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This information comes from a news release from the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA Doc. No. 21022500).