What is a USCIS Receipt Number?

What is a USCIS Receipt N…

What is a Receipt Number?

USCIS receipt numbers are unique, 13-character identifiers that distinguish and track cases. A receipt number can be used to verify the status of a case. They also allow recipients to track their cases online or over the phone. Receipt numbers are typically found in the top left corner of receipt notices.

How Can I Check My Case Status?

The easiest way to check the status of your case is through the USCIS Case Status Online page. This page has other resources and reference tools including instructions for changing your address online, submitting a case inquiry, finding a USCIS office and information about case processing times. When you enter your receipt number into the appropriate field, the system will show you the current status of your case and let you know next steps.

You can also call the USCIS Contact Center at 1-800-375-5283.

Breaking Down Receipt Numbers

Receipt numbers consist of three letters followed by 10 numbers. The number can be broken down into four parts.

First, the three letters at the beginning of the receipt number indicate the location of the USCIS office where the case was filed. The letters can be EAC, WAC, LIN, SRC, NBC, MSC, or IOE for example. USCIS office locations have the following three letter codes:

  • CSC - California Service Center;
  • EAC - Vermont Service Center;
  • IOE - ELIS (e-filing);
  • LIN - Nebraska Service Center;
  • MSC - National Benefits Center;
  • NBC - National Benefits Center;
  • NSC - Nebraska Service Center;
  • SRC - Texas Service Center;
  • TSC - Texas Service Center;
  • VSC - Vermont Service Center;
  • WAC - California Service Center; and
  • YSC - Potomac Service Center.

The two numbers immediately following the letters indicate the fiscal year in which USCIS received the case. Receipt numbers follow the fiscal year, not the calendar year. The fiscal year starts on October 1st of each year and ends September 30th. So, for example, if USCIS receives a filing on October 1, 2020, this number will be 21 since USCIS received it in fiscal year 2021.

The next three numbers indicate the day, and the following five numbers indicate the case number. These numbers are dependent on the number of filings USCIS receives on a given day. When you file forms together, you will usually notice that your receipt numbers for these forms will have consecutive numbers. This is because the officer receives all of them at the same time on the same date.

For More Information:

View USCIS's instructions for checking your case status online here.

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