DOL Will Only Accept ETA-9141 via FLAG System

DOL Will Only Accept ETA-…

Starting today, June 10, 2019, the Department of Labor will only accept the Application for Prevailing Wage Determination (Form ETA-9141) in the Foreign Labor Application Gateway (FLAG) System. This change is a part of the Department's initiative to modernize. The Office of Foreign Labor Certification (OFLC) believes that using modern technology is a vital step in making services more to efficient and secure. Using the FLAG System will help accomplish these goals.

As a result, also starting today, the ability to submit the Form ETA-9141 using the iCERT System will be deactivated. However, iCERT users will still be able to access their iCERT System accounts after today to check the status of their applications and access prevailing wage determinations.

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To view instructional videos about how to create, manage, or otherwise use a FLAG System account or to learn more about the FLAG System, click here.

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This information comes from a news release from the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA Doc. No. 19060433).