EB-1 Visa Availability

EB-1 Visa Still Face Backlog

The American Immigration Lawyers Association issued its members a practice alert that EB-1 Worldwide visa are subject to final action dates beginning in October. USCIS expect to make little headway before December 2018.

There were hopes that EB-1 Worldwide visas would return to current status in October, as they often do, but there has been heavy demand, which has kept USCIS bogged down in applications. Indeed, premium processing has been suspended for cap-subject visa petitions, and the Department of Homeland Security is raising premium processing fees to increase revenues in order address the lack of resources exacerbating this backlog.

Petitioners from India and China will still face final action dates earlier than EB-1 Worldwide dates. AILA does not expect there to be much of any forward movement in these dates before December and possibly even into the second quarter of the 2019 fiscal year.

The current final action date for EB-1 Worldwide is June 1, 2016. China and India EB-1s have a January 1, 2012 final action date.

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Read the September Visa Bulletin (AILA Doc. No. 18080832).

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This information comes from the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA Doc. No. 18081430).

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