H-1B Visa Data by Metropolitan Area

H-1B visas are a hot topic this week as the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services began accepting H-1B visa applications on April 1. H-1B visas are the most common route employers take to hire foreign workers. The H-1B visa allows for temporary employment of foreign workers in positions that require a high level of specialized knowledge and a bachelor’s degree level of education or higher. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services issued 859,600 H-1B visas (combined initial and continuing employment) between 2010-2016.

Pew Research Center’s recent study shows metropolitan areas on the East Coast and Texas have received the highest number of H-1B visas. New York ranks the highest with 29% of H-1B visa approvals. Runner ups respectively are Dallas, Washington, and Boston. Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp., an IT employer located in College Station, Texas, holds the record for receiving the highest number of H-1B visa approvals per employer.

Have an advanced degree? Although Erie, Pennsylvania’s overall number of H-1B approvals ranked towards the bottom, the percentage issued to foreign workers with an advanced foreign degree was a whopping 75%. San Diego, California held the record for the highest percentage (28%) of H-1B visas issued to workers with a U.S. earned advanced degrees.

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This information comes from an article published by Pew Research Institute (March 29, 2018).

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