Upcoming E-Verify Webinars by USCIS

Click here to find the schedule for upcoming December 2016 webinars on E-Verify. There are webinar sessions available for both employees and employers. Customized webinars are also available. The link also provides information about how to register.

What webinars are offered?

The "Form I-9 Webinar On-Demand" provides a tool for reviewing Form I-9. The video is 22 minutes in length. This webinar is offered 12 times in December.

The "E-Verify Webinar On-Demand" reviews Form I-9, E-Verify, and enrollment. The video is 14 minutes in length.

The "E-Verify in 30" webinar is for those who want to learn more about E-Verify, but are short on time. This webinar is offered on December 28, 2016.

Visit the USCIS website for a full list of webinars and dates.

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