Employment-Based Green Card Interviews

Effective October 1, 2017, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services began to schedule interviews for Green Card applicants based on employment. Previously, applicants in this category did not require an in-person interview in order for their application for permanent residency to be adjudicated. Here were the three important issues addressed in a teleconference with USCIS regarding this new requirement:

1. Will this new requirement impact cases submitted before October 1?
The short answer is Yes. An interview will be scheduled if the Adjustment of Status (AOS) application was filed after March 6, 2017. However, USCIS also indicated that some AOS cases filed after March 6 may be approved without interview due to the time taken to fully enact this new policy.

2. How should I prepare for the interview?
Adjudicators will verify the supporting documents and information submitted in the underlying approved I-140 petition, but they will not re-adjudicate the I-140 petition. Applicants can expect to be asked about their employment, job title/job duties, as well as experience and education background. Criminal issues, immigration violations and other inadmissible factors will also be addressed in the interview.

3. Will this new policy cause delay in processing times?
Yes: As a result of the new policy, it is estimated by USCIS that the increased number of interviews will lengthen processing times for all categories of AOS applications.

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